Howto remove original CD Player (Radio)?

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Howto remove original CD Player (Radio)?

Beitragvon JimmyN » 16.07.2007 01:44


I'm going to change the original CD-player in my C4 -05 to an Alpine 9855.

I want to know the following:

* How do i loosen the CD-player? What "keys" do i need? It's four holes on the front.

* Do i need any adapter to make the new player fit in a nice way in the panel?

* What kind of cable-adapters do i need? Is it standard iso or do i need a Citroen => ISO-Adapter?

* How is the original frontspeakers connected wirewise? Is there a filter connected between the dashtweeter and the mid in the door? It would be sweet if i didnt have to run new wires to the doors if i want to change to a kit-system.

Thats all for now. Hoping to get answers.

Best regards.

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Beitragvon STONE » 18.07.2007 18:39

I'm not sure...but I think an other player wouldn't work with your radio system RD4 or RT3. So you haveto change your radio, too. Or do you mean the radio system in front of the carpanel?
You need only four nails to remove the system....put them in the holes and than pull the radio out of the panel.
You need a apecial ISO Adapter to connect the new radio with your car. But you will lose some functions. For example tehe beep signal of the PDC and you can't adjust your time in the display. I think there is a filter between the speakers, but I think this depends on the radio system itself....JBL system has the filter.
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