Iacc4f presntation

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Iacc4f presntation

Beitragvon difti » 21.06.2007 15:05

Hello again... so many time not visiting your forum...

Well. I am admin from the international forum http://www.iacc4f.org. , the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CITROËN C4 FORUMS, and I think you could be interested to take part. Finally was created last month, with turks ans spanish clubs as a main partners. Now, there are members also from Romania, Portugal, Russia, England and Chile. I miss germans.

Well, the idea is to share information (problems with car and how to solve it, maybe each country have different info from citroën...), ideas, photos, look for accesories, meet new people, and all you want...

The objective is a single forum, meeting forum for worldwide C4 owners. We will use our respective national forums but also this international one. Your german forum will remain in your server. This not affect your forum structure.

Benefits? I don't know yet, but as I said before. Maybe you are looking for resolfen rims and nobody in GErmany are selling... and maybe somebody in Turkey have them. Or, I Know that turkish people have made one thing for to avoid the vibration of spare tyre. They can show to every body. In our forum, we have put the screens in several colours. We can show you how. I think can be interesting.

Official language will be english, but you will have a subforum in german for your members also.

Cost. Nothing this first year. I have already pay the server and domain. If the project grow, then we can put publicity of google adsense or to pay it together.

If you decide to take part, send me your forum logo for to use at home page.


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