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from Portugal

Beitragvon rbarge » 13.04.2007 23:52

My name is Ricardo and i have a C4 Picasso 1.6 hdi
becase a don´t speak any german this is the only way ti post in your forum :D
here in Portugal we have two great forum of C4
one for regular C4 3 and 5 doors and one for Picasso but we all get along and are lost os user regiter in bouth :D
here are the links
C4 Picasso
thks to all :D
From Portugal Rbarge :D

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Beitragvon STONE » 14.04.2007 11:00 are just at the beginning. ;)
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Zilog Z80
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Beitragvon Zilog Z80 » 03.07.2007 11:18

Hi there

Forum has a cool look, but as i dont speek any portugese, its no use of trying to undertand anything there.. :)
Anyway, posted myself this topic in here, but will repeat it again in english. I have bought a new C4, its 2 months young, 2500 km and have problems with the steering wheel at the speeds over 115 km/h. The wheel starts to vibrate and cannot find a reason why is it acting like this....
Dont have many confidence in the Citroen service in here either...
Whats your experience with the above mentioend problem?
BTW, seat covers are really bad quality, after two months they are completly scratched and ruined at the side of the seat...


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Beitragvon Balou63 » 03.07.2007 18:18

@Zilog Z80,

There were several other users with the same problem here. One of the Citroen technicians said that there are only 2 possible root causes for that problem.

The first one is an unbalance in the tire / wheel combination. Every citroen dealer (or any other) should know that and should know how to solve it.

The second possible reason is that the steering mechanism in some C4’s is not tightened as it should. There is some kind of adjusting screw at the “pressure piece” of the steering mechanism. This screw has to be tightened approx. 20°. The German Citroen dealers were informed about the problem and there must be some kind of technical information available that was given to the dealers. It is not a big job to adjust the steering mechanism. Nothing needs to be exchanged.

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Zilog Z80
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Beitragvon Zilog Z80 » 04.07.2007 06:53

Thanx a lot, have already read about that. Will hopefully fix my problem ASAP. :) Its kinda strange when you buy yourself a new car and you bump into problems and dealer (that is service) cannot find a cause for it. Makes you wonder if they even know how to fix anything. :)
Best regards.
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